Let us show you how to keep your cash in your wallet! Our patent pending engine block heating system pays for itself in less than 90 days by cutting your electric cost by more than 80%!

Two years ago, after purchasing a diesel vehicle, I realized just how much money I was spending simply to keep the vehicle engine warm and ready for use during the winter. As a result, a new idea for solving my problem percolated.  An engine block heating controller that saves you time and money.

As I set off down this path of trial and error, many ideas were left by the wayside until at last one triumphed.  A diesel engine heater that could be revolutionized to the everyday consumer.  This is the first product that I truly feel can not only save the public money but also conserve energy and help to reduce waste and air pollution. Finally a product I can stand behind 120%!

Then came the long road of getting Engine Block Warming Controller Inc. Formed and then the even longer road to the patent office we are FINALLY ready to serve YOU!

I have taken pride in selecting the highest quality material in constructing the Controller unit, using Recycled composite material for the backer board. We use only UL approved electronics components.

A diesel engine heater controller will assist you in cold weather and save you time and money.

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