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Copyright 2009 Engine Block Warming Controller
When you plug your engine block heater into our unit it will automatically control not only WHEN the engine block heater activates but also at what outdoor temperature it will switch on and off.

For example if you need to leave for work at 6:00 a.m. simply set the timer to start at 4:00 a.m. and set the thermostat to activate at 32 degrees. (32 degrees should be the standard setting) Both these settings are customizable by you, the user.

If the temperature outside is above 32 degrees at 4:00 a.m then the heater will not activate; saving you money.

This product must be used with an existing engine block heater (standard in all diesel vehicles. Optional in some gasoline vehicles)

This product is constructed of high quality materials, time tested by known and trusted manufactures and carries a One Year Warranty, free of charge.

* Pays for itself in less than 90 days of electric energy savings

* User controlled temperature setting

* User controlled time setting with dual time setting option

*  Case measures 11" x 12" x 5"

* Durable Eco-friendly  construction

* Plugs into a standard grounded wall outlet (110 volts)  A.C.

* Recommended hookup to your vehicle is a 12 gauge. minimum size grounded extension cord

* All electronics and case are UL approved

* Custom Made in the U.S.A!

* Designed for concealed mounting (out of the elements) to prevent theft or can be securely mounted in a weather-tight enclosure for $60.00 addnl.

* Works beautifully for farm equipment too!

                 TRUCK ASSOCIATION

* One Year Warranty

* Simple mounting and general use instructions included.

* PRIVACY STATEMENT  - Any and all information  gathered on this   web site is private and  confidential and is never shared with or sold to anyone.
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